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Jiang Xi Hi Tech Technology Co Ltd located in An Fu County Industry Area Ji An City Kiangsi Province The production sites about 13000 square meters area Hi Tech company was founded in 2007 it s a company which can professional develop manufacture and sell Rubber Plastic Chemicals and their Master batch It have 6 standard production line Total capacity is 10000 MT annually Hi Tech company contact with South China University of Technology Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Qingdao University of Science and Technology closely The managements of Hi Tech all majored in Polymer and graduated from the above three University Hi Tech company products contents Vulcanization Agent...

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Conductive Agent ZnoVulcanizing Activator H-80GEhydrogen peroxide in chineseHardness Enhancing Agent ZDAInitiator For Polymer 101-70Vulcanizing Activator H-80geRubber Bridging Agent Tac-70Hardness Enhancing Agent ZdaVulcanizing Agent For RubberSulfur-Free Curing Agent Pdmhydrogen peroxide 50 percentDithiocarbamates acceleratorRubber Bridging Agent TAC-70Rubber Accelerator Dtdm-80geconcrete foaming agent pricefoaming agents in detergentsAmine For Rubber AcceleratorRubber Accelerator DTDM-80GEhydrogen peroxide 30 percentsilicone antifoam food gradeThermal Conductive Agent ZnOeabassoc foaming agent priceSulfur-free Curing Agent Pdmindustrial hydrogen peroxide30 hydrogen peroxide walmartInitiator for Polymer 101-70Vulcanized Rubber Propertieshydrogen peroxide home depotAn Accelerator To Acm RubberMedium Fast Accelerator Dptuhydrogen peroxide 12 percenthydrogen peroxide with iodineNon-staining Accelerator ZdecLow temperature foaming agentGranular Accelerator MBT-75GENon-Staining Accelerator 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Sulfur IS-80GEaccelerator in rubber compoundingRubber Homogenizing Agent HT-R100Rubber Anti-aging Agent Tio2-80genatural foaming agent for shampooRubber Anti-aging Agent TiO2-80GEGray To Light Yellow Granule MbtsRubber Homogenizing Agent Ht-r100blowing agent for silicone rubberRubber Antifoaming Agent CaO-80GERubber Hygroscopic Agent CaO-80GERubber Hygroscopic Agent Cao-80geRubber Antifoaming Agent Cao-80geanti foaming agent for edible oilac blowing agent azodicarbonamidemountain dew baking soda peroxideLight Yellow Granule Sulfur S-80geDegration Agent For Polymer 101-70Light Yellow Granule Sulfur S-80GEGranular Rubber Accelerator MBT-80Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Tmtd-75geGranular Rubber Accelerator Mbt-80antifoaming agents in fermentationDegration Agent for Polymer 101-70Rubber Vulcanizing Agent TMTD-75GEnatural foaming agent for concreteDelayed Rubber Accelerator NOBS-80Delayed Rubber Accelerator Nobs-80dawn hydrogen peroxide baking sodahydrogen peroxide dawn baking sodaFast Speed Rubber Curing Rate 29-70homemade foaming agent for concreteGranular Rubber Accelerator DCBS-80clorox healthcare hydrogen peroxideWhite Pigment Master-batch Zno-80gePdm-75ge Can Prevent Cure Reversionsulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxideRubber Physical Antioxidant Ht-1956muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxideRubber Vulcanization Agent MDB-75GERubber Physical Antioxidant HT-1956High Activity MgO-65GE Master-batchGranular Insoluble Sulfur Is60-75geGranular Insoluble Sulfur IS90-75GEGranular Rubber Accelerator ZDMC-80foam agent for lightweight concreteGranular Insoluble Sulfur Is90-75gehydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acidGranular Rubber Accelerator Zdmc-80Rubber Vulcanization Agent Mdb-75geGranular Rubber Accelerator Zdec-80Granular Rubber Accelerator Dcbs-80White Pigment Master-batch ZnO-80GEGranular Rubber Accelerator ZDEC-80High Activity Mgo-65ge Master-batchRubber Curing Agent Mgo-65ge For CrPDM-75GE Can Prevent Cure ReversionGranular Rubber Accelerator Cbs-75geGranular Rubber Accelerator 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OBSH-75GESecondary Rubber Accelerator Tmtm-80gsHigh Efficient Rubber Antioxidant ZT-8Mild Primary Rubber Accelerator H-80geNon-staining Rubber Accelerator Cbs-80Rubber Shoes Complex Accelerator MIX-1Non-staining Rubber Accelerator CBS-80Mild Primary Rubber Accelerator H-80GEOrganic Rubber Foaming Agent Obsh-75geModerate Speed Rubber Accelerator MBTSSecondary Rubber Accelerator TMTM-80GSCross-linker for Polyethylene Resin DCPImproving the Rate of Extrusion MoldingFast Speed Rubber Accelerator TMTD-75GEFast Speed Rubber Accelerator Tbtd-50geMedium Speed Activator for White FillerDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator Ht-6dCross-linker For Polyethylene Resin DcpDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator Ht-2dHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur Is6033Medium Speed Activator For White FillerNon-discoloring And Non-staining Mbt-80Dry Granulated Rubber Accelerator Ht-1dDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator Ht-4dUltra Fast Rubber Accelerator DPTT-75GNNon-discoloring and Non-staining MBT-80Slow Speed Rubber Accelerator Dotg-75geFast-speed Rubber Accelerator Tetd-75ge35 food grade hydrogen peroxide near meDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator HT-4DHigh Efficiency Rubber Antioxidant Ht-lUltra Fast-speed Rubber AcceleratorZDBCUltra Fast-speed Rubber AcceleratorzdbcFast Speed Rubber Accelerator Tmtm-80gsFast Speed Rubber Accelerator ZEPC-75GEUltra Fast Rubber Accelerator Dptt-75gnDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator HT-1DHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur IS6033High Efficiency Rubber Antioxidant HT-LDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator HT-2DDry Granulated Rubber Accelerator HT-6Dhydrogen peroxide and manganese dioxideFast Speed Rubber Accelerator Tmtd-75geImproving The Rate Of Extrusion Moldinghydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxideUltra-fast Rubber Accelerator ZDMC-75GEfood grade hydrogen peroxide 35 percentFast Speed Rubber Accelerator TBTD-50GEFast Speed Rubber Accelerator Zepc-75geUltra-fast Rubber Accelerator Zdmc-75geFast Speed Rubber Accelerator TMTM-80GSSlow Speed Rubber Accelerator DOTG-75GEUltra Fast Rubber Accelerator Tdec-75geUltra Fast Rubber Accelerator TDEC-75GEFast-speed Rubber Accelerator TETD-75GEHigh Efficient Complex Accelerator HT-2Dmanganese iv oxide and hydrogen peroxideRubber Vulcanizing Agent MgO-65GE for CRHigh Efficient Complex Accelerator Ht-2dHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur OT20-75Rubber Antioxidant Without Blooming HT-LRubber Antioxidant Without Blooming Ht-lMajor Accelerator With Fast Speed Cbs-8035 food grade hydrogen peroxide for saleStrong Oxidizer for Saturated Rubber DCPanti foaming agents used in fermentationStrong Oxidizer For Saturated Rubber DcpMedium Fast Rubber Accelerator Dptu-75geHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur Is60-80Light Rubber Products Foaming Agent HT-LSulfur-free Rubber Curing Agent Pdm-75geLight Rubber Products Foaming Agent Ht-lHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur Ot20-75Medium Fast Rubber Accelerator DPTU-75GEMajor Accelerator with Fast Speed CBS-80High Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur IS60-80Complex Accelerator for Ruber Shoes HT-1DSafer in Production Process Sulfur S-80GEUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent IS90-75GEUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent Is90-75gsComplex Accelerator For Ruber Shoes Ht-1dUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent Ot20-75gsRubber Accelerator with Slow Speed DPG-80blowing agents for polyurethane foams pdfUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent Is90-75geDark Rubber Product Accelerator Ndbc-75geGranule Vulcanization Agent Sulfur S-75geSafer In Production Process Sulfur S-80geComplex Rubber Accelerator Ep-3d For EpdmNon Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur IS60-80Safer In Production Process Sulfur S-75geNon Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur IS-80GEThioureas Accelerator Etu Suitable For CrGranule Vulcanization Agent Sulfur S-75GEGranular Rubber Foaming Agent Ac3000-75geGranular Rubber Foaming Agent AC3000-75GENon Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur Is60-80Rubber Accelerator With Slow Speed Dpg-80hydrogen peroxide to clean mold in showerSafer in Production Process Sulfur S-75GEComplex Rubber Accelerator EP-3D for EPDMDark Rubber Product Accelerator NDBC-75GEGranular Vulcanization Agent Sulfur S-80GNCross-linker For Unsaturated Polyester DcpHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur Is90-75gsComplex Accelerator for Rubber Shoes HT-6DFoaming Agent Ac3000-75ge Suitable For EvaHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur OT20-75GSHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur Ot20-75gsCuring Agent for Unsaturated Rubber IS6033Major Accelerator with Fast Speed CBS-75GEYellow Resistance Rubber Accelerator Ht-2dFoaming Agent AC3000-75GE Suitable for EVAGranular Vulcanization Agent Sulfur S-80gnWhite Granule Rubber Accelerator Dptu-75geHigh Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur IS90-75GSComplex Accelerator For Rubber Shoes Ht-6dMajor Accelerator With Fast Speed Cbs-75geCuring Agent For Unsaturated Rubber Is6033Peroxide Won't Release Pungent Odor 101-70Ht-1956 Improves Mirror Effect Of PruductsCross-linker for Unsaturated Polyester DCPLight Rubber Products Bridging Agent 29-70HT-1956 Improves Mirror Effect of PruductsWhite Granule Rubber Accelerator DPTU-75GEYellow Resistance Rubber Accelerator HT-2DFast Speed Major Rubber Accelerator Dcbs-80Unsaturated Rubber Curing Agent IS6033-75GEAccelerator Gives Good Heat Resistance OtosGreen Granular Rubber Accelerator NDBC-75GEImproving the Appearance of Products HT-617Non Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur Is90-75gsPeroxide Rubber Vulcanization Agent Bibp-40MDB-75GE Used As Delayed Rubber AcceleratorSafe Operation Rubber Accelerator OTOS-80GEZdma Provides Excellent Physical PropertiesMajor Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator TBBS-80hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting surfacesUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent Is6033-75geUltra Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator Zdec-80Rubber Curing Agent Prevents Foaming IS6033Improving The Appearance Of Products Ht-617ZDBC Gives Rubber Products Tensile StrengthRubber Curing Agent Prevents Foaming Is6033Fast Speed Major Rubber Accelerator DCBS-80Good Stability Rubber Foaming Agent Ac-80gsPrimary And Secondary Accelerator Zepc-75geRubber Accelerator ETU-75GE Suitable for CRMdb-75ge Used As Delayed Rubber AcceleratorNon-poisonous Vulcanization Agent DTDC-80GESafe Operation Rubber Accelerator Otos-80geLong Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator TBBS-80Accelerator Gives Good Heat Resistance OTOSNon-poisonous Vulcanization Agent Dtdc-80geNon Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur IS90-75GSNon Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur Is60-75geGreen Granular Rubber Accelerator Ndbc-75gePrimary and Secondary Accelerator ZEPC-75GEEffective Coagent Taic For Crosslinking EvaZDMA Provides Excellent Physical PropertiesEffective Coagent TAIC for Crosslinking EVALonger Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator Dm-80Major Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator Tbbs-80Longer Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator DM-80Long Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator Tbbs-80Ultra Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator ZDEC-80Good Stability Rubber Foaming Agent AC-80GSPeroxide Rubber Vulcanization Agent BIBP-40Rubber Accelerator Etu-75ge Suitable For CrUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent Sulfur S-80Zdbc Gives Rubber Products Tensile StrengthRubber Accelerator With Fast Speed Tbbs-75geHigh Temperature Resistant Antioxidant HT-45Environmental Rubber Foaming Agent OBSH-75GEActivator ZnO-80GN for Light Rubber ProductsRubber Accelerator Nobs-80 Prevents BloomingGeneral Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur IS7020Rubber Accelerator with Fast Speed TBBS-75GEVery Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator Zdec-75geVery Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator Tmtd-75gnHigh Temperature Resistant Antioxidant Ht-45Longer Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator CBS-80Environmental Rubber Foaming Agent Obsh-75geHigher Rebound Resilience Given by ZDBC-75GERubber Accelerator DPG-80 for Thick ProductsVery Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator TMTD-75GNRubber Accelerator NOBS-80 Prevents BloomingLow Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent Obsh-80High Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur IS7020-75GSActivator Zno-80gn For Light Rubber ProductsLow Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent OBSH-80Very Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator ZDEC-75GELonger Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator Cbs-80Rubber Vulcanization Agent Short Mixing TimeGeneral Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur Is7020High Dispersion Insoluble Sulfur Is7020-75gsRubber Accelerator Dpg-80 For Thick ProductsHigher Rebound Resilience Given By Zdbc-75geFast Speed Primary Rubber Accelerator Zdmc-80Low Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent Exp-60geHt-110 Improves Rubber Products Tear StrengthHt-100 Improves Rubber Products Tear StrengthCuring Agent For Unsaturated Rubber Ot20-75geRubber Accelerator Dpg-75ge For Dark ProductsLong Scorching Time Rubber Accelerator Dpg-80Rubber Foaming Agent Give Insulating PropertyGranular Rubber Vulcanization Agent Dtdc-80geShort Curing Time Rubber Accelerator Cbs-75gnAccelerator For High Saturation Rubber Tac-70Ultra Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator Tmtm-80geRubber Curing Agent Prevent Foaming Ot20-75gsLong Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator Tbbs-75geUnsaturated Rubber Curing Agent Sulfur S-80gnRubber Accelerator Without Blooming Tbtd-50geExcellent Dispersion Vulcanizer Sulfur S-75geHT-100 Improves Rubber Products Tear StrengthRubber Accelerator Without Blooming TBTD-50GELow Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent EXP-60GEExcellent Dispersion Vulcanizer Sulfur S-75GELong Scorch Time Rubber Accelerator TBBS-75GEUltra Fast Speed Rubber Accelerator TMTM-80GERubber Accelerator DPG-75GE for Dark ProductsGranular Rubber Vulcanization Agent DTDC-80GEcleaning marble shower with hydrogen peroxideAccelerator for High Saturation Rubber TAC-70Sulfur-free Rubber Vulcanizing Agent PDM-75GEShort Curing Time Rubber Accelerator CBS-75GNNon Discoloring&Staining Rubber Foaming AgentLong Scorching Time Rubber Accelerator DPG-80hydrogen peroxide in carpet cleaning machinesFast Speed Primary Rubber Accelerator ZDMC-80HT-110 Improves Rubber Products Tear StrengthDark Rubber Product Homogenizing Agent HT-R100Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Prevents Foaming IS90Rubber Accelerator For Dark Products Dptu-75gebaking soda and hydrogen peroxide for cleaningHigh Yellow-resistant Rubber Accelerator HT-6DUnsaturated Rubber Vulcanizing Agent IS90-75GSGranular Thioureas Rubber Accelerator Etu-75geSlow Initial Curing Rubber Accelerator NOBS-80High Yellow-resistant Rubber Accelerator Ht-6dLow Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent Obsh-50geUnsaturated Rubber Vulcanizing Agent OT20-75GSRubber Curing Agent Prevents Foaming Is90-75geLow Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent OBSH-50GEDark Rubber Product Homogenizing Agent Ht-r100Improve the Vulcanized Products Properties ZDAGranular Thioureas Rubber Accelerator ETU-75GEImprove The Vulcanized Products Properties ZdaRubber Accelerator For Dark Products Dotg-75geRubber Accelerator for Dark Products DPTU-75GESlow Initial Curing Rubber Accelerator Nobs-80Rubber Accelerator for Dark Products DOTG-75GEModerate-speed Main Rubber Accelerator Mbt-75geHigh Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator MIX-6Non Discoloring&Staining Rubber Vulcanizer DTDMHigh Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator MIX-2High Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator MIX-1High Yellow Resistance Rubber Accelerator MIX-6Good Scorch Safety Rubber Accelerator Tmtm-80geNon Discoloring&Staining Rubber AcceleratorZDMCHigh Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator Mix-4Improve Rubber Products Heat Stability ZnO-80GNcleaning with hydrogen peroxide and baking sodaActivator Improves The Tensile Strength Ht-4000Improve The Processability Of Vulcanizates Si69High Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator HT-1DNon Staining&Discoloring Rubber Accelerator MBTFast Speed Rubber Primary Accelerator Ndbc-75geHT-R100 Enhance Physical Properties of ProductsNon Staining&Toxic Rubber Accelerator DPTT-75GNHt-r100 Improves Different Rubber CompatibilityHigh Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator Mix-2Dry Granulated Complex Rubber Accelerator EP-3DImprove Rubber Products Heat Stability Zno-80gnActivator Can Improve the Contractility HT-4000Moderate-speed Main Rubber Accelerator MBT-75GEDry Granulated Complex Rubber Accelerator Ep-3dActivator Improves the Tensile Strength HT-4000High Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator MIX-4Activator Can Improve The Contractility Ht-4000Curing Agent for Unsaturated Rubber IS7020-75GSImprove the Processability of Vulcanizates Si69Curing Agent For Unsaturated Rubber Is7020-75gsGood Scorch Safety Rubber Accelerator TBBS-75GEGood Scorch Safety Rubber Accelerator Tbbs-75geHigh Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator Ht-1dGood Scorch Safety Rubber Accelerator TMTM-80GEHigh Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator Mix-1Ht-r100 Enhance Physical Properties Of ProductsGranular Rubber Vulcanization Agent Sulfur S-80High Yellow Resistance Rubber Accelerator Mix-6High Efficient Complex Rubber Accelerator Mix-6Fast Speed Rubber Primary Accelerator NDBC-75GEHT-R100 Improves Different Rubber CompatibilityRubber Accelerator Mix-2 Resistants To YellowingRubber Accelerator Zbec Releases Non-nitrosamineHT-100 Improves Rubber Products Tensile StrengthModerate Speed Primary Rubber Accelerator Mbt-80Rubber Accelerator ZDMC-75GE Improves ResilienceHigh Yellow-resistance Complex Accelerator MIX-4Non Staining&Discoloring Rubber Accelerator TETDAccelerator Gives Good Reversion Resistance OTOSRubber Accelerator Zdmc-75ge Improves ResilienceRubber Accelerator WithProcessing Safety TBBS-80Physical Expansion Rubber Foaming Agent EXP-60GEBetter Scorch Safety Rubber Accelerator MDB-75GEVulcanization Agent Prevents Foaming IS7020-75GENon Staining&Discoloring Rubber Antioxidant SP-BHt-r100 Improves Different Rubbers CompatibilityHt-100 Improves Rubber Products Tensile StrengthPrimary and Secondary Rubber Accelerator ZEPC-80Accelerator TBzTD Without N-nitrosoamine ReleaseAccelerator Especially Suitable For Rubber ShoesBetter Scorching Quality Rubber Accelerator ZbecRubber Accelerator Dpg-75ge For Thicker ArticlesNon Staining&Discoloring Rubber Accelerator ZDECHT-110 Improves Rubber Products Tensile StrengthExcellent Lubrication For Rubber Products Ht-617High Yellow-resistance Complex Accelerator Mix-4Rubber Accelerator Withprocessing Safety Tbbs-80Rubber Accelerator ZDBC-80 Reduce Scorching TimeRubber Accelerator Provides Heat Aging StabilityPhysical Expansion Rubber Foaming Agent Exp-60geRubber Accelerator DPG-75GE for Thicker ArticlesNon Discoloring&Staining Rubber Accelerator DPTTRubber Vulcanization Agent Insoluble Sulfur Is60Better Scorch Safety Rubber Accelerator Mdb-75geNon Staining&Discoloring Rubber Accelerator ZDBCNon-Nitrosamine Release Rubber Accelerator MIX-1Rubber Accelerator Zdbc-80 Reduce Scorching TimeNon-nitrosamine Release Rubber Accelerator Mix-1Accelerator Tbztd Without N-nitrosoamine ReleaseRubber Vulcanization Agent OT20 Prevents FoamingNon Discoloring&Staining Rubber Accelerator ZDECRubber Accelerator ZBEC Releases Non-nitrosamineBetter Scorching Quality Rubber Accelerator ZBECUnsaturated Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Sulfur S-80Rubber Vulcanization Agent Insoluble Sulfur IS60Good Scorching Safety Rubber Accelerator DCBS-80Ht-110 Improves Rubber Products Tensile StrengthHT-R100 Improves Different Rubbers CompatibilityExcellent Lubrication for Rubber Products HT-617Vulcanization Agent Prevents Foaming Is7020-75geAccelerator Gives Good Reversion Resistance OtosPrimary And Secondary Rubber Accelerator Zdbc-80Good Scorching Safety Rubber Accelerator Dcbs-80Rubber Vulcanization Agent Ot20 Prevents FoamingNon Staining&Discoloring Rubber Accelerator MBTSPrimary And Secondary Rubber Accelerator Zepc-80Excellent Dispersion Vulcanization Sulfur S-80GNRubber Accelerator MIX-2 Resistants to YellowingExcellent Dispersion Vulcanization Sulfur S-80gnModerate Speed Primary Rubber Accelerator MBT-80Accelerator Especially Suitable for Rubber ShoesPrimary and Secondary Rubber Accelerator ZDBC-80Complex Rubber Accelerator EP-3D Prevent BloomingRubber Acceleraator Without Discoloration TMTM-80Rubber Accelerator For Thicker Articles Dotg-75geSulfur S-80GE Easily Dispersed into Rubber MatrixRubber Accelerator Zdmc Improves Tensile StrengthRubber Accelerator for Thicker Articles DOTG-75GERubber Acceleraator Without Discoloration Tmtm-80Non Discoloring&Staining Rubber Accelerator MIX-4Non Discoloring&Staining Rubber Accelerator DM-80Good Scorching Safety Rubber Accelerator CBS-75GNGood Vulcanization Flatness Rubber Accelerator DmGood Scorching Quality Rubber Accelerator Zepc-80Good Vulcanization Flatness Rubber Accelerator DMInsoluble Sulfur IS7020-75GE with High DispersionGood Scorching Quality Rubber Accelerator ZEPC-80Rubber Accelerator ZDMC Improves Tensile StrengthPrimary Accelerator With Moderate Speed Mbts-75geGood Scorching Safety Rubber Accelerator Cbs-75gnHigh Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent AC3000-75GEYellow-resistant Complex Rubber Accelerator HT-4DGeneral Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur IS6033-75GENon Discoloring&Poisonous Rubber Accelerator ZEPCModerate Speed Primary Rubber Accelerator Mz-75geComplex Rubber Accelerator Ep-3d Prevent BloomingHigh Temperature Rubber Foaming Agent Ac3000-75geInsoluble Sulfur with High Dispersion IS6033-75GENon Discoloring&staining Rubber Foaming AgentExcellent Anti-scorch Rubber Accelerator Cbs-75geExcellent Anti-scorch Rubber Accelerator CBS-75GESulfur S-80ge Easily Dispersed Into Rubber MatrixPrimary Accelerator with Moderate Speed MBTS-75GELong Plateau Vulcanizing Stage Rubber AcceleratorInsoluble Sulfur Is7020-75ge With High DispersionGeneral Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur Is7020-75gsGeneral Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur Is6033-75geInsoluble Sulfur With High Dispersion Is6033-75geRubber Accelerator Gives Good Physical PropertiesYellow-resistant Complex Rubber Accelerator Ht-4dGeneral Oil Extended Insoluble Sulfur IS7020-75GSModerate Speed Primary Rubber Accelerator MZ-75GEVulcanizing Agent for Unsaturated Rubber OT20-75GEGood Scorching Safety Rubber Accelerator DCBS-75GERubber Vulcanizing Agent Prevent Foaming OT20-75GSPrimary And Secondary Rubber Accelerator Tdec-75geRubber Accelerator Can Prevent Prevulcanization MZPrimary and Secondary Rubber Accelerator ZDEC-75GEImprove Mechanical Properties Of Vulcanizates Si69Rubber Accelerator Can Prevent Prevulcanization MzPrimary and Secondary Rubber Accelerator TDEC-75GEGood Scorching Safety Rubber Accelerator Dcbs-75gePrimary and Secondary Rubber Accelerator ZBEC-75GENon Discoloring&Staining Rubber Foaming Agent OBSHUnsaturated Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Sulfur S-80GNModerate Speed Major Primary Accelerator MBTS-75GNLonger Scorching Time Rubber Accelerator Mbts-75gnNon-discoloring and Non-staining Accelerator TBzTDModerate Speed Major Primary Accelerator Mbts-75gnLonger Scorching Time Rubber Accelerator MBTS-75GNPrimary And Secondary Rubber Accelerator Zdec-75geNon-discoloring And Non-staining Accelerator TbztdImprove Mechanical Properties of Vulcanizates Si69Primary And Secondary Rubber Accelerator Zbec-75geNon Discoloring&staining Rubber AcceleratorzdmcNon Staining&toxic Rubber Accelerator Dptt-75gnNon Discoloring&staining Rubber Vulcanizer DtdmNon Staining&discoloring Rubber Accelerator MbtNon Staining&discoloring Rubber Antioxidant Sp-bNon Staining&discoloring Rubber Accelerator TetdNon Staining&discoloring Rubber Accelerator ZdecNon Staining&discoloring Rubber Accelerator ZdbcNon Discoloring&staining Rubber Accelerator ZdecNon Staining&discoloring Rubber Accelerator MbtsNon Discoloring&staining Rubber Accelerator DpttNon Discoloring&staining Rubber Accelerator Dm-80Non Discoloring&staining Rubber Accelerator Mix-4Non Discoloring&poisonous Rubber Accelerator ZepcNon Discoloring&staining Rubber Foaming Agent Obsh
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